About Us

Allelon: allēlōn

One-anotherness. A sense of mutuality or reciprocity. Being connected and invested in a shared journey.

What does therapy look like at Allelon?

Here at Allelon, we believe that therapy is what you make it, and you as the client get to decide exactly what to make it. As the therapist, it is our job to bring resources and tools to the table that will help you facilitate each step of that journey in a way that fully considers all the parts of what makes you uniquely you while creating a comfortable and engaging space for you to embark on whatever journey stands before you. Using a systemic approach to mental health, we work to map out your world in context and how all the areas of your life may be playing a role in your reason for coming to see us, as well as how they may act as resources in your pursuit of change.

With an emphasis on whole-person care, mind-body integration, and facilitating self-led change, your therapist will work with you to identify your specific roadblocks to living the life you desire and how to get yourself back on the right path. Then we will co-create a space to accomplish the work you have identified as most meaningful. If, along the way, we discover areas in which other supports are needed then your therapist will help you build a team of people all oriented towards helping you thrive!

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Meet Your Therapist

Megan McConnell, MMFT

Marriage and Family Therapy Associate

Megan earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Burman University in 2016. Her personal and work history with neurodiverse and medically complex children and their families sparked a curiosity for her that led to a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy completed through Campbellsville University in 2023. She also has a second graduate degree in Disaster Medicine and Management from Thomas Jefferson University where she spent her time developing skills around training and educational development, as well as working with marginalized and at-risk communities where her love of systemic approaches to problem-solving truly ignited.

Megan believes in the power clients hold to solve their own problems. She brings a number of approaches to the therapy room united by a focus on systemic, trauma-informed care with an emphasis on the integration between mind and body. Informed primarily by Internal Family Systems, mindfulness and somatic therapies, and Ericksonian hypnosis, she is passionate about helping clients develop a sense of agency and self-empowerment that forms the bedrock upon which the change journey is built. She invites clients into a process of becoming deeply familiar with their own external and internal world while supporting the work of making necessary changes to those worlds to best allow clients to pursue their goals where previously they may have felt stuck.

While she finds it especially enjoyable to work with high performers and the chronic illness community, Megan has broad experience working with many mental health concerns, as well as doing couples counseling and teaching parenting skills. She only sees children 18 and under on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in knowing more about working with Megan, please head on over to the Contact Us page or reach out via email at Megan@allelonintegrativecounselingcenter.com.

Curious About Our Name?

The heart of Allelon means attuning to the deep sense of togetherness that is possible between two people. On a practical level, that means as a client you do not walk through difficulty alone. The goal is to develop a partnership where the value brought to a session by both therapist and client is equal, and the mutual and reciprocal strengths of both sides can form a synergistic atmosphere for empowerment and change. It is not you or me, but rather us against the problem.

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As a Marriage and Family Therapy Associate, Megan has a permit through the Kentucky MFT licensing board to provide marriage and family therapy to Kentucky clients under the supervision of at least one fully licensed, board-approved clinical supervisor while she completes the requirements for full licensure. She is also qualified to provide services to clients in Pennsylvania. If you have questions about her qualifications, her permit to practice, how the supervision process works, what being an Associate means, or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.